Coaching Girls

It is different… and if you coach girls the same as you coach boys you will turn them off that sport – fact! In this seminar we take you through 8 points on how girls are different (not better or worse, just different) and what you need to do to get the most out of your female players. This seminar is vital to all coaches undertaking a female program whether it is a junior program or senior female program.

60-minute seminar.

Impact coaching

What impact are you going to have on your team and how are they going to be better because you are their coach? If you cant answer these simple questions then you have some work to do. This seminar takes you through how to set up your season and maintain focus throughout. It includes using parents as a resource and how to communicate your plans effectively. A must for every coach no matter what level or age group.

60-minute seminar

Resilience for coaches and players (or simply ‘stuff everyone should know’)

Stress and anxiety are common emotions in all levels of sport, not just professional levels. However despite this we too often ignore the symptoms and the causes. Our resilience workshops teach 5 distinct strategies for coping with everything from stress to simply not being able to switch off after your game finishes. Follow ups include 1:1 or group sessions with engaged players/coaches who would like to delve deeper into the concepts delivered.

90-minute seminar

The coach – parent – player triangle.

In order to create an environment where kids love and excel in their chosen sport all three areas (coaches, players and parents) must work together. In this seminar we teach you how to achieve this by using practical examples and processes that have all three areas ‘on the same page’. This is a vital way to set up your season to avoid many of the same issues that plaque clubs and teams year after year.

90-minute seminar

Culture design

Every club has a culture or simply ‘a way of doing things’. Great clubs ‘design’ the culture they need to be successful. This workshop shines a spotlight on ‘the way you operate’, and what you need to focus on in order to succeed. A key question in this session is ‘what do you settle for? It is the behaviours and mindsets that you settle for that will determine how you operate e.g. if you settle for players being unaccountable then you cant complain when they are.

Importantly it will then give your Leaders something to lead towards, and your Followers rules to operate by.

The outcomes should then be cascaded to other staff members. They will then know ‘what they need to do in order to be a successful team member’.

120-minute seminar


1:1 coaching/mentoring

All organisations have leaders and players with improvement areas. The 1:1 sessions allow them to discuss and find solutions to these areas in a non-confronting environment. Typically these sessions are made available to people with high potential, yet have issues that are holding them back from reaching their potential. The focus is determining what ‘actions’ are you going to take after the talking. Only actions will get you what you seek. These programs define the difference between mentoring and coaching – as there is a difference. The type of interaction we use will depend on the needs of the person involved.

Session length variable.

Team Building

In a high stress environment that requires a lot of trust, it is often critical that team members have an agreed ‘way of working’. This is vital for building and maintaining a level of accountability within your club. What you are held accountable for needs to be made explicit otherwise it is not fair to hold people accountable. Using the 10 characteristics of High Performing Teams we evaluate the current team structure and highlight areas for improvement.

These sessions can be in the form of a one off 90 minute presentation and if need be, follow up sessions to ensure progress is maintained.

Leadership group development

Many clubs have ‘off the shelf’ leadership programs, however if you would like one catered specifically to the needs and abilities of your players and coaches, we can undertake this process. This could be in the form of season long or simple one off presentations. A leadership group can either be a ‘nice to have’ or a vital component of your club that ‘drives’ your team and organisation forward. Which one you have will be determined by the importance you place on it, the structures you put in place and the guidance you give. If you want to give your players ‘ownership’ then you have to give them the skills and abilities to make the most of the ‘ownership’. Your leadership group will be your coaches, players and clubs most important asset…if you set it up correctly.

One off or weekly 45 minute sessions.

Leadership/wellness/coaching blogs

Short 500-700 word blogs that detail up to date information on coaching, playing and various useful topics can be supplied directly to clubs and schools. The blog could be shared electronically to all personnel as a way of up skilling their knowledge in a non-time consuming manner. Ideally blogs would be shared on a fortnightly or monthly basis. I can send examples should this be of interest.

Over involved parenting

We all want to do the right thing by our kids but what is the right thing? Where is the fine line between being over involved and under involved? This seminar makes it clear and gives practical strategies for building a healthy and sustainable parent child relationship. This seminar should be presented to all parents at the start of each season.

60-minute seminar


Junior boys sessions – what is a good bloke?

We discuss topics relevant for junior boys such as legacy, being a bystander, bullying and confidence. Designed specifically for year 6-9 boys we also look at topics such as choosing your own attitude, manners and understanding who they are as people.

60-minute seminar

Game day reviews

Using video review has become a staple part of coaching these days. However if you use it inappropriately you can destroy a player’s confidence, turn them off the sport and confuse your team. This session points out the dangers of video review, how to conduct them properly and the key points you need to keep in mind when conducting reviews. For example – do you know if a player is one who stews on mistakes or easily lets them go? If they stew on them, why would you show them their mistakes 3 days after you played? This will likely set them off again and prevent them from regaining any form of confidence before your next game. Also asking yourself, what behaviour am I trying to drive by showing these clips? If it is a series of clips on maintaining possession, will that drive players to always take the easy option, in doing so destroy their creativity? These questions and more are highlighted and explored. A must for users of video review technology.

60-minute seminar

Managing the modern player

Players these days are different. They are more likely to be concerned with what they can ‘get’ oyt of playing for your team rather than what they can ‘give’ to the team. This session discusses the nuances of the modern player, what drives them and how to use their ego to good rather than evil. This session is vital for coaches of late teens and young adults.

60-minute seminar

Media performance and public speaking

To some people public speaking and media performance comes naturally. For others it can be a struggle. By following a tried and true formula and basic tips you can become a better than average, maybe even great speaker/presenter.

90- minute seminar

Personal responsibility – the single most important factor in success.

People often ask me what trait is the most important determinant of success. The answer is simple – taking responsibility for your actions, thoughts and feelings. Are you a person who takes responsibility or do you and your club live in the land of excuse, denial, blame and justification? If you are then you will never be as successful as you could be. Learn how to do this in this seminar designed for coaches, players and human beings in general.

90-minute seminar

One off presentations:

  • Why motivation is useless.
  • How to succeed at sporting trials.
  • Resilience – ‘stuff everyone should know’.
  • 10 Characteristics of a High Performing Team
  • 3 keys to productivity – energy, focus and time.
  • Value Based Decision Making – putting ethics into practice.
  • Managing millenials.
  • How to design the culture you need, not let it evolve by default.
  • Building confidence in kids
  • Stress avoidance techniques
  • E.A.T – getting healthy by eliminating excuses.
  • Living Above the Line – personal responsibility.
  • Traits of elite people – how everyone can be a leader.
  • Personality traits that are holding you back.
  • Attitude – the one trait common in all successful people.
  • Kokoda Track – the journey to being grateful.

Best and Fairest Sports Parent Seminars

Everywhere I go I hear horror stories of parent behaviour hindering player development and making life difficult for coaches. We all know how damaging this type of behaviour can be on our young players.

It is the main cause of the following:

  • High drop out numbers
  • Poor parent – child relationships
  • Poor coach – player – parent relationships
  • Low self esteem
  • Continually changing teams
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Unfulfilled potential

Fortunately there are answers and you can learn how to give your child the best chance at reaching their potential whilst maintaining a  healthy, long lasting and loving relationship.

Best and Fairest Parents Seminars – click on link to learn more about the Best and Fairest Sports Parent Seminars and how to get one at your club for just $20 per head.

Every parent wants what is best for their kids. We want to give them the best opportunities in their education, sport and life in general. However sometimes it is difficult to know if we are doing the right thing by our kids. Are we too involved in what they are doing? Are we under involved? Where is the safe middle ground that allows my child to have ownership over what they do, enjoy what they do and importantly maintain a great relationship with you?

It is possible to have happy, healthy, high performing kids that grow to enjoy playing sport, understand the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and most importantly, love you.kicking-and-screaming-ferrell-yells-at-kid 

Group sessions for your team on how to be the best parent you can be so your kid can be the best they can be. these sessions can be run at your sporting club and are ideal for parents of all age children. You will understand the difference between over involved and under involved parents, how to develop a growth mindset and how to help your child overcome the inevitable hurdles that go along with playing sport.

6 signs you may be an over involved parent:

Nathan offers a wide range of sports and fitness coaching programs:

  • Speed and Agility – got the skills but need the speed? Personal programs concentrating on your technique and fitness will produce results. You’re guaranteed to get faster and more agile. Special programs focus on junior athletes.
  • Basic fitness – don’t have time to get to the gym? Personalised programs that start at 20 minutes 3 times a week. $20 gets you all the equipment you will ever need.
  • Event training – want to run that half marathon or just 5km but don’t know where to start? We can devise programs that will get you to the finish line.
  • Quit smoking – you’ll feel healthier and have more money – what is their to lose?
  • Mentoring – do you or your junior sportsperson need a mentor to ensure you are mentally strong enough to achieve your goals? Nathan works 1:1 with junior and senior sportspeople to make sure they remain mentally strong, resilient, confident and importantly grounded.
  • Group sessions (private and corporate) – want a fun and challenging fitness session to inspire and motivate your friends or colleagues. Nathan will design and deliver an event that will get your heart rate up as well as your fun levels.

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    Two years ago you spoke at our footy club. Sebastopol football in Ballarat. We are keen to have you back again pre season. What are you availability and prices now


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