10 questions every leader must ask.

As leaders we are used to asking all the questions. We need to keep our fingers on the pulse and being inquisitive is one way to achieve this. What we aren’t good at is having questions asked of us. 

‘I’m the boss, how dare you question my authority?

If you have a leader who thinks like this it is because they are insecure.

They think a leader has to have all the answers…. wrong!

Great leaders don’t shy away from allowing people to ask them questions. In fact, they welcome questions and most importantly are great at asking themselves questions.

If you don’t like other people questioning you, you must learn to question yourself. 

Start by asking yourself these questions.

  1. How are these people better because I am their leader? What do I bring that another leader couldn’t?
  2. What type of leader do I want to be? Am I doing that?
  3. What am I leading towards? How clear and obvious is this in my mind?
  4. Have I expressed this idea of success to others…do they know it as well as I do?
  5. What parts of ‘how we do things’ have I let evolve by default?
  6. What poor standards do I ‘walk past’ that I shouldn’t?
  7. Am I working to make myself redundant i.e. I don’t need to be here all the time as I have leaders underneath me who are capable. 
  8. Am I making ‘every person’ I lead better, both personally and professionally?
  9. Do I have unconscious bias’s that influence my decision making?
  10. What tough conversations/decisions have I been avoiding?

In our Leadership Questioning Workshop we discuss why having answers to these questions is vital.

Not having answers doesn’t make you a poor leader…not being prepared to ask them does.

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