A wide range of consulting services and solutions are available for your company.nathanburke2

Nathan brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in what it takes for people to attain their goals and achieve elite levels of performance – in the workplace and in life.

He worked for several years in a senior executive role providing leadership to achieve transformational cultural change within a fast-paced large business. He has more recently been providing performance consulting services to a range of industries in both public and private sector organisations.

Nathan can both inspire and educate your teams and key leaders about how to bring out the best in themselves.

Services include:

  • Team Building
  • Culture assessment and design
  • Resilience workshops
  • Off site facilitation

Current clients include Orange Business Services, Unico, Yarra Valley Water. 

the cost of stress on your business

Unhappy = Unproductive

Unfortunately stress and anxiety have become a costly part of business and all too often we ignore the causes and symptoms until it is too late.
Our Resilience Workshop teaches 5 no-nonsense strategies that are suitable for teams, leaders and individuals of any age, small or large groups and conferences.
Workshops can be catered to specific roles such as Teachers, Coaches, Managers, Salespeople, Tradespeople, Students & more.
Clients include: AFL Coaches, Yarra Valley Water, Melbourne Grammar, Orange Business Services, FFV, Dept. of Justice.

Employee satisfaction = increased product quality = customer satisfaction.

“Wow, this is the best session we have had.

This is stuff everyone should know.”

Dept. of Justice and Regulation

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