The Truth about Sports Parenting – how would your kids answer?

Orange Business Services – Wellbeing session 1 recap.


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‘I’ve found over the years that too many people seem to allow the fear of failure to keep them within their comfort zone – never trying something new nor venturing into unfamiliar territory. If you have a go, if you put yourself on the line and stretch yourself- then even if you don’t achieve your goal the chances are that you will have learned something. You’ll be wiser next time – so how can this ever be considered failure?’- Nathan Burke

The only way you will ever discover the full extent of your strengths and capabilities is to stretch and challenge yourself …… have no fear of failure. Do not let it control you nor limit your choices ……. Of course, you must still assess the risk and exercise “due diligence” when attempting something new – but by being open to new experiences and new possibilities, then it is more likely that you will “flourish” and continue to grow as a person in life and in your career.