6 Secrets to Successful Study


With under a month to go before exams, kids all over the country are putting together their study schedules. This is great, but understand, there is a big difference between having a schedule and utilizing a schedule.

Simply blocking out time in your day won’t necessarily help if you aren’t ‘ready’ to study in that time.  All you’ll end up doing is wasting your precious time.

Here are 6 secrets to making the most of your study schedule.

Right Mindset

Everyone studies better when they are in the right frame of mind to learn. What does the right frame of mind look like for you? Do you study better when you’re upbeat, serious, focused, pumped up and motivated? Work out what is best for you and spend time getting yourself into that frame of mind ‘before’ the study block starts. Then you won’t waste unnecessary time trying to focus. It may mean playing music, meditating or exercising for 10 min’s prior. There is no right or wrong; it is what works best for you.

Energy Up

Studying while you are tired is a poor use of your time – that’s obvious. And so is studying whilst you are hungry, dehydrated, hyped up on sugar and energy drinks or lethargic because you’ve been eating fatty foods. Managing your dietary intake prior to the study block is crucial to retaining information and lasting all the way to the end of the session. Oily fish, nuts, fruit and peanut butter are great brain foods and should be part of your diet.

Don’t forget sleeping either. Lack of sleep can have the same effects as elevated blood alcohol levels. You wouldn’t study whilst drunk, so don’t study whilst tired.

Your Environment

Spend an hour or so making sure your study area has everything you need and is a place you want to be. It may mean getting some candles out or god forbid, the vacuum and duster. If you like a tidy desk then tidy it, if you want everything within arms reach, do it. Don’t spend your study block time cleaning or looking for notes etc.  Redesign your bedroom for a month if you have to. And be strong enough to remove the things that you know will distract you- Xbox, Phone etc.

Support on call

You don’t want to get half way through your study block and decide you need information from a person, and then have to wait for them to get back to you. Have your support networks lined up so that they get back to you asap. Speak to them and ask for direct lines rather than shooting off emails. If you know you need information from someone then get it before your scheduled to sit down.

Don’t forget life

Whilst studying, especially for Year 12, it’s important you don’t forsake the rest of your life. In fact maintaining balance will help you when you need to concentrate on studying. It’s why AFL clubs insist players have other interests besides playing football. Taking your mind off footy allows you to concentrate on it more when you need to. So after a great study session, reward yourself with a visit to your friends, go to training with your team, get some fresh air, do something you enjoy etc.

Short, sharp sprints

You are more likely to concentrate if you know you only have to for 30-45 minutes… you will push through. If you expect to sit for 2-3 hours or longer you are highly likely to become distracted and unmotivated. Set an alarm for 30-45 minutes, get up and refresh for 5 -10 mins and then set the timer again. Study for time periods, not until the end of a task. I guarantee you will get more out of sprint sessions than marathons.

Also, study shouldn’t be competitive. If someone is doing 12 hours a day it doesn’t mean you have to. Quality is more important than quantity.

Finally, you can’t control what questions are on an exam, but you can control how prepared you are to answer those questions.


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