7 habits of high performing people

Being great one week and average the next does not make you a high performer. It certainly does not make you elite (Australian tennis players take note)

Only those who perform at a consistently high level can call themselves high performers.

The key is developing excellent habits. Not chasing the latest fad, but understanding the need be disciplined and doing the simple and important stuff EVERY day. Combine this with a clear vision of what success looks like and the performance required to achieve it then you are on your way.

The following infographic from Planet K2 highlights the 7 ways to turn high performance into a habit.


You will notice that this is not rocket science and may actually be considered quite boring. It’s important you understand that high performing people are often high performers because they do the boring things – everyday – even though they are boring.

They realise that to enjoy the spoils of high performance you need to create your own personal high performance plan and act on it every day. There are many talented people who don’t become elite because they refuse to be ‘obsessed with improving’ (another trait of high performers) and don’t put in the work required.


High performers ask themselves what can they do today to get better than they were yesterday? Then act on the answers – everyday.

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