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The popular High Performance and Resilience Masterclass has returned in October.

If you want to:

  • understand what high performance really is.
  • develop your own Personal High Performance Plan.
  • build your resilience and ability to excel in the tough times.
  • set yourself up for a huge 2019

Then this is 3 hours you can’t afford to miss.

With all sessions conducted by Nathan, and limited to 30 attendees, you will get a powerful induction into the world of High Performance (clue, it aint what you think) and Resilience techniques used by successful people around the world.

Suitable for corporate and sporting groups as well as individuals.

Tickets limited so click here to book. Discounts available for group bookings.

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Click here to listen to my appearance on The You Project hosted by the always entertaining and informative Craig Harper.

Recent clients include: