I was asked on Linked In recently about the number 1 thing businesses are lacking in their desire to achieve high performance. Its a wide ranging question, but the answer was simple – make people better.

On the whole, companies pay too little attention to ‘making people better’. Coaching is poor, mentoring doesn’t exist and performance reviews are a tick box waste of time.

Imagine if a football team drafted a player yet spent no time improving their abilities. The coach would be sacked, yet in the corporate world we are content to hire people, then spend no time making them the best employee and person they can be.

In many ways we set them up to fail, blame the recruiting staff and start the cycle all over again.

The two questions I ask leaders are:

  1. How is this team better because you are their leader?
  2. How is each person better because you are their leader?

If you can’t answer immediately…you have some work to do.

the cost of stress on your business

Unhappy = Unproductive

Unfortunately stress and anxiety have become a costly part of business and all too often we ignore the causes and symptoms until it is too late.
Our Resilience Workshop teaches 5 no-nonsense strategies that are suitable for teams, leaders and individuals of any age, small or large groups and conferences.
Workshops can be catered to specific roles such as Teachers, Coaches, Managers, Salespeople, Tradespeople, Students & more.
Clients include: AFL Coaches, Yarra Valley Water, Melbourne Grammar, Orange Business Services, FFV, Dept. of Justice.

Employee satisfaction = increased product quality = customer satisfaction.

“Wow, this is the best session we have had.

This is stuff everyone should know.”

Dept. of Justice and Regulation

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