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Do something FOR your staff. Resilience and coping strategies for work and most importantly…life.  Show you care for them as people and not just revenue earners.

what does success look like?

Your leaders may be doing a GOOD job… but with some eye opening questions they could soon be doing a GREAT job.

This one hour workshop will make your leaders think, assess and act. The questions we ask include – how are your people better because YOU are their leader? Which parts of your culture have YOU allowed to evolve by default? We also discuss why it is important you can answer these questions and guide you in seeking answers.

FYI – Great leaders can answer these questions instinctively…can you?

Go Doggies

Excited and privileged to be announced as the Western Bulldogs AFLW Head Coach


Podcast – The Outer Sanctum

Click here to listen to my chat with the marvelous outer sanctum crew. We chat helmets, Hall of Fame criteria, AFLW and much more.

Podcast – #5 WORLDWIDE (iTunes education)

Click here to listen to my appearance on The You Project hosted by the always entertaining and informative Craig Harper

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