25% off

Have you started a workplace newsletter only to have it die after two editions? Most likely it’s because you found that there is only so much time in the week…. and something had to give.
Why not let us design and deliver a newsletter specific to your company each month? This low cost, low effort alternative may be just what you are looking for.
Our newsletters are designed specific to each company and allow you to add a message from the boss, detail upcoming events and choose to receive information from our vast range of topics. These include:
Health and Wellness tips
Exercise and Diet tips
Fitness and training plans
Lifestyle trends
Fun and Trivia
Corporate challenges
News and Reviews
Industry specific events/news
Leadership and Team Building
Inspirational and motivational video links
and many more
The month we are offering a 25% discount on your first 6 editions.
To find out more about this offer please call 0439858758 or leave your details and we will call you asap.


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