Current programs include:

Melbourne Grammar – Year 7 and 8  Boys program – Topics include Legacy, Leadership and ‘What is a good bloke?’. Sport Coach presentations – impact coaching, coaching girls. Teacher presentations on Resilience for Teachers.

Haileybury College – Sports leadership programs. Blazer Squad leadership program.

De La Salle – Student Leaders program and Student Action Teams.

Westbourne Grammar – Student and Sports Leadership program. Sport Coach presentation – impact coaching and coaching girls.

Tenison Woods College (S.A) – Boys program (including male teacher presentation) Sports parenting (delivered to parents) Good Bloke Program, High Performing Sports Program, Year 12 presentation as well as being an Ambassador for the schools sports program.

Peninsula School – Year 9 boys Good Bloke presentation. Year 12 Mid Year Retreat Day
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Nathan started his career as a qualified teacher before the demands of professional football took over. He knows that your senior years at secondary school or entering tertiary education should be a time of great anticipation and excitement.
Unfortunately for many students it is a time of increased stress and undue anxiety.
Learning how to avoid or cope with these issues is critical to realizing a students potential.
This 60-90 minute seminar can be presented to small or large audiences of various ages and genders.
Each seminar can be catered specifically to the particular needs of the audience; or if suitable extended to a half/full day event which includes experiential and interactive activities. This program is ideally presented
early in the school year in order to allow students to develop positive habits.
Nathan will guide the students through a range of topics including:
  • Attitude – how to choose your own.
  • Goal setting – the importance of the ‘how’ not ‘what’
  • Preparing for life not just an ATAR or marks.
  • The Importance of Balance – health/diet/friends/sport
  • Tips for coping with exams, SACs and set backs
Finally and most importantly – not letting your marks define who you are as a person.
School Leadership Programs
Our leadership messages are simple and pragmatic for school children of any age. Whether you require a one off session or on going program, we can design and deliver a program specifically to your needs.
Examples include  Full Day Retreat Programs such as we ran at Peninsula Grammar or our Year 7 and 8 ongoing leadership programs being run at Melbourne Grammar.
Resilience Workshops
Life throws up constant challenges no matter what age you are. Having strategies that will build resilience is crucial to navigating those challenges. Nathan has developed a seminar that gives students practical processes they can adopt immediately.
The seminars touch on the following points:
  • Mindfulness
  • Gratitude
  • Attitude
  • Understanding identity
  • Health and fitness

Boys Personal Development Program

This program can be retitled ‘how to be a good bloke’. Recently conducted by Melbourne Grammar and a presentation to Peninsula Grammar and Westbourne Grammar this male specific program focuses on attitude, making the right choices, taking personal responsibility and being thankful.

Leadership programs

We tend to assign leadership roles to students without giving them the opportunity or ability to ‘lead toward something’. Our program helps students determine exactly what they are leading towards and then gives them the tools to bring their vision to life. this allows the students to truly ‘make a difference’ and importantly have tangible anecdotes and stories about their time as leaders that will stand them in good stead in later life.