4 Ways to ‘Smash’ Year 12

We thought it may be timely to repost this blog from last September. Good luck to all the students studying in 2018

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Top 4 Ways to ‘Smash’ Year 12

Why do most articles on this subject start with How to Survive Year 12 exams? Survive…really? Do students who fail to get a significant ATAR get dragged into some Hunger Games type battle, never to be seen again? How about we give kids some tips that will help them ‘smash’ Year 12 exams. To me this is a far more positive way to approach the topic.

These are my top 4 tips that will help you ‘smash’ Year 12 exams (and other years for that matter).

  1. There’s no such thing as Time Management – Unless you are Dr. Who and have access to some sort of time machine, you can’t manage time. It just literally keeps ticking along. What you can ‘manage’ is your level of discipline. I guarantee you’ll have enough time to get everything done if you don’t waste time on unnecessary…

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